Work With Us

As a community our primary goal is to share knowledge. Designers give tips to non-designers, accountants help the group better understand small business taxes - we are here to build each other up. 

We have partnered with companies like SEER Interactive and Philly PR Girl on educational events, and are always looking for new collaborations. We love working with small brands and businesses around the city to create events focused on education & networking. Our bloggers span across many niches and have a large social reach in the Philadelphia area (added bonus- everyone is really nice and fun to be around.

Member Reach

The reach of our +350 Members extends to:



If you have a passion for blogging, brands, or small-business, + expertise to share, tell us about it. 


Interested in providing food, supplies, or a venue to host an event in Philly? Please reach out. We are always looking to try new things!