Interested in working with the bloggers from PHLbloggers? Here's how.


Who are PHLbloggers?

PHLbloggers is a diverse community comprised of +350 bloggers writing about topics including lifestyle, design, décor, travel, food, business, wellness, and more. They are located in and around the Philadelphia area and range from beginners to advanced bloggers. Below are the statistics from our private Facebook Group:

  • 90% female
  • Majority are ages 20 to 35
  • 62% are from the City of Philadelphia, 38% are from the suburbs

Here's a link to our most up-to-date twitter list of our members who have twitter profiles if you would like to browse.

How to work with PHLbloggers

Working with bloggers and influencers are a great way to promote your business. Bloggers have built an organic following and community with whom they share their experiences, things they love, tips they’ve learned along the way, and inspiration for daily living. There are five ways to get your brand in front of PHLbloggers. Details can be found below.


Email us a pitch to post in our +300 member private Facebook group

Cost: Free
In order to post a pitch in the Facebook Group, you must be offering a collaborative opportunity or event opportunity specifically for PHLbloggers. This may include wanting to collaborate on content development, providing products to bloggers to review, a general want to work with bloggers, a VIP event at your location, an offering of a free class, etc. If you are interested in posting a pitch in the group, please fill out this Google form. Press releases will not be accepted.

There is a section of the form that allows you to choose if you would like to work with a specific subset of bloggers and/or provide an online application URL (i.e. a Google doc form, or something more formal) for the bloggers to fill out if they are interested in working with your brand.


Add an ad at the bottom of our member monthly newsletter

Cost: $75/newsletter
Approximately every month we send out a newsletter to our members. Quarterly, we clear out this newsletter list to make sure that our bloggers are engaged. The list ranges from 300-400 members. This ad space can include one photo and up to 400 words. Please email if you are interested in this opportunity.


Host a PHLbloggers event at your store

Cost: $200/event
If you are hosting a VIP event that you would like the bloggers to attend, your best option is to email us a pitch to post in our Facebook Group (details above). This option is if you would like our team to work with you to coordinate an in-store event. We will create an invite in our Facebook group, promote the event in our newsletter, create an effective agenda, work with you to coordinate logistics, and make sure there is a team member on-site the day of your event. There is only one event per month and events must be planned at least a month in advance. Most of our bloggers have day jobs and therefore, we strive to plan events on weekday evenings or Saturdays. Our bloggers are located in both Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Event attendance is usually 10-15 bloggers, who are excited and eager to share their experiences via social media and/or blog posts. Specific terms and conditions can be agreed upon for each event. Please email for availability.


Provide donated goods or product for a PHLbloggers-hosted event

Cost: Product Cost
PHLbloggers hosts its own events for members throughout the year as well. There are quarterly educational events, our holiday potluck, and general social gatherings. These events usually have 15-20 people. If you would like to provide snacks, food, giveaway items, swag, or any other items for any of these events please email


Sponsor the Blog Connect Conference

Cost: Varies
Yes, this is a PHLbloggers-hosted event, but it’s a little bit bigger. Each April we bring together 80 bloggers and influencers for a 1.5-day conference in downtown Philadelphia. We are always looking for monetary donations, swag bag items, giveaway items, and donated goods. Please visit our Blog Connect page for more details.

Things to consider when working with bloggers

Each blogger is different in the way they work with brands, but the mission remains the same: create a collaborative opportunity that is beneficial for both parties involved. This usually involves a trade of content for promotion, product, and/or money – with “content” being a limitless word. For example, a blogger could:

·        Write a blog post featuring a product, brand, or experience

·        Share photos of a product, brand, or experience on social media

·        Create video content to be featured on their blog and social media

·        Host or emcee an in-person event at your location


Additional things you should know:

·        Each blogger has their own compensation requirements based on their community size, experience level, and previous experience working with other brands.

·        While the size of a blogger’s community is a notable statistic, their engagement is what really makes the difference.

·        Bloggers are required to share that blog posts and social content are sponsored per FTC regulations.

·        Your business and online community is definitely an asset. It's always appreciated if you offer to share the content we create with your own social media channels.