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The Blog Connect Conference

Find Your Roots || April 28-29, 2018 || #theblogconnect

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About the Conference

You've been blogging for a few years now. You have plenty of posts in the bank. You're feeling restless, you've lost some motivation, and you're wondering where the heck do I go from here? The mission of our 2018 Blog Connect Conference is to revitalize you and help boost the blog, community, and content you already have. Our speakers will guide you in moving forward in your blogging career whether you blog for fun or are building your empire.

Join us for our Blog Connect Conference, a conference in Philadelphia, PA about blogging for mid-level bloggers who want to learn more about blogging and social media, connect with like-minded folks, and are looking for some inspiration & motivation in their lives.

We're going to be dive deeper into the skills you already have to FIND YOUR ROOTS, develop good habits, and create amazing content for your communities. We'd love to see you there!

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We are so excited to be able to bring the topics and conversations of these speakers to The Blog Connect Conference this year. Please stay tuned as additional speakers and panelists will be announced soon!

Morning Keynote Sarah Von Bargen || Yes and Yes

Morning Keynote
Sarah Von Bargen || Yes and Yes

Afternoon Keynote Tara Gentile || CoCommercial

Afternoon Keynote
Tara Gentile || CoCommercial

Speakers AK Brown & Diamond Hudson Just Bloggers: No Explanation

AK Brown & Diamond Hudson
Just Bloggers: No Explanation

Speaker Antoinette Minor The Young Professionalist

Antoinette Minor
The Young Professionalist

Panelist Julie Hancher Green Philly

Julie Hancher
Green Philly

Panelist Sarah DeGeorge Socially Dedicated

Sarah DeGeorge
Socially Dedicated

Speaker & Workshop Facilitator Amber Burns   Space on Third

Speaker & Workshop Facilitator
Amber Burns  
Space on Third

Panelist Jessica Lawlor Jessica Lawlor

Jessica Lawlor
Jessica Lawlor

Panel Facilitator Lori Rochino Lori

Panel Facilitator
Lori Rochino

Emcee Andy Shaw Instafather

Andy Shaw

Speaker Judy Freedman A Boomer's Life After 50

Judy Freedman
A Boomer's Life After 50

Panelist Melissa Alam Femme & Fortune

Melissa Alam
Femme & Fortune



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Saturday, April 28, 2018


Speaker-Only Happy Hour
Location: Invite Only


Attendee, Business, & Brands Kick-Off Party
Location: TBD


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Location: Saxbys Headquarters, 2300 Chestnut Street, Suite 310
You will be guided through your day by our awesome emcee, Andy Shaw from Instafather.




Morning Keynote: Defining Your Version of Success + Building the Habits that Will Get You There
Sarah Von Bargen || Yes & Yes
What does “blogging success” look like for you? If we can’t describe our version of success, it’s pretty hard to work towards it! I’ll teach you how to define your own personal versions of professional success and how to create regular habits that will move you closer to that success every day. 



Nicheless Blogging - Yes... It Exists!
AK Brown & Diamond Hudson || Just Bloggers: No Explanation
This presentation is a preview of the world of nicheless blogging.  As the owners of one of the only purposely branded nicheless blogs on the market, AK and Diamond will give a glimpse as to what nicheless blogging is, highlighting content creation, social media, and networking.



Speaker TBA



Blogging for Passion, Profit, and Impact
Facilitator: Lori Rochino || Lori
Panelists: Jessica Lawlor || Jessica, Julie Hancher || Green Philly Blog, Melissa Alam || Femme and Fortune, Sarah DeGeorge || Socially Dedicated
How do you go from hobby blog to business blog? What mindset traits and skill sets do you need to take on this next level challenge? Is there ever a right time to get started? Learn top takeaways from successful bloggers in the Philly area. What worked, what didn’t work and what are the major lessons learned that you can apply to your own blog and business.






Avoid Blogger Burnout, Take Time To Breathe
Judy Freedman || A Baby Boomer Woman's Life After 50
Are you stressed out from the daily demands of blogging & social media? Learn simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax so your creativity can shine.



Help, I Don't Know What to Post on Social Media!
Antoinette Minor || The Young Professionalist
Not sure what to post on social media, so you don't post at all? Learn how to think outside the box, create engaging content and keep your social media calendar full!



Speaker TBA



Consistency is Key: Mastering Your Content Calendar
Amber Burns || Space on Third
If you're struggling to create content consistently, this is for you. We'll be covering how to curate endless content ideas and how to create time to execute them all, consistently.



Breakout Activity: Content Planning OR Vision Boarding

Sarah Moore || smoorelovin
Vision Boards: Experiment with different media to create a vision board that represents a goal you want to bring to life. Get a little crafty with it and you'll walk away with a visual reminder when you need a little motivation

Amber Burbs || Space on Third
Content planning: Get those ideas out of your head and onto your calendar, ready to share with your audience. Leave with a 30-day plan for your next month of blog posts and get motivated to execute!



Afternoon Keynote: How To Use Unrealistic Goals To Create Uncommon Success
Tara Gentile || CoCommercial
It's tempting to set your sights on realistic goals for your blog, freelancing or small business. But thinking bigger can make surprising things happen!



Networking & Goodbyes




  • Alumni Tickets, inclusive of the Kick-Off Party, ($85) are on sale from January 16 - January 22, 2018.
  • Early Bird Tickets, inclusive of the Kick-Off Party, ($105) are on sale from January 16 - February 28, 2018.
  • Regular Tickets, inclusive of the Kick-Off Party, ($135) are on sale from March 1 - April 28, 2018. 
  • Tickets to ONLY the Kick-Off Party are available for bloggers, brands, and small businesses ($15).


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The Blog Connect was one of the most well curated and organized conferences I’ve been to. It’s small, but mighty with a huge focus on making sure attendees and speakers feel welcome, comfortable joining in, and well-fed as they are learning. You’ll never find yourself sitting alone, wondering why everyone else seems to know each other as the day is full of speakers and activities and everything (even lunch) is included at one location. Highly recommend for those looking to get out from behind their computer, level up their skills, and make some new blogging buddies!
— Sarah Morgan, XO Sarah
The Blog Connect conference is a great event for veteran and new bloggers alike.
— Kasia Jaworski, Ampersand Blog
The Blog Connect is a fantastic event for both new and seasoned bloggers. As a veteran blogger myself, I still find so much value in the conference. The industry is constantly changing, so keeping up with it all and learning from my peers is critical to the success of my blog.
— Nicole Raudonis, Simply Nicole
TBC is easily on of the best planned out conferences that I have attended. It’s wonderfully informational, diverse, and full of food. What more can you ask for?
— Jessica Marcy, Sweet Love & Ginger
Few conferences pay such attention to detail while still delivering on promises to provide high-impact training and inspiration. The Blog Connect is like going to a retreat with a bunch of branding and blogging experts where you end up wanting to just be best friends with everyone.
— Andy Shaw, InstaFather
The Blog Connect was my first conference that I attended. It was so lovely to be with other bloggers who shared the joys and struggles of blogging. I was encouraged and motivated to “blog better!
— Angela St. Cyril, Setting My Intention


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If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring the 2018 Blog Connect Conference, you can review our Sponsorship Deck. We're looking for all kinds of sponsors, big and small - from swag bags to giveaways, to donated space, decor, food, and more. We'd love to connect via email or phone to answer any questions, just shoot us an email at PHLbloggers and we'll set something up!


There will be one volunteer ticket available for the 2018 Blog Connect Conference. This person will be responsible for helping with logistics before, during, and after the conference. He or she will be able to participate in most (if not all) of the sessions. The application is due by Friday, March 2, 2018.

If you purchase a ticket to the conference, and then are accepted as our volunteer, your ticket will be refunded.