Blogging Q+A with Sally's Baking Addiction

If you're looking for a little inspiration (or a little kick in the pants) take a look at some of my favorite questions (and summarized answers) we discussed below.

How do you continue to come up with new ideas?

Constantly take in new content. Read books and magazines about the topics you blog about - and absolutely continue to browse Pinterest.

What are the basic SEO steps to take on each blog post?

Choose your post's key words, keep the title basic (and include the key words), and continue to use those same key words strategically throughout the post. Think about what question somebody  might be searching that would result in your page. Title your images in lowercase letters with dashes instead of spaces and don't forget to include Alt Text on each photo that will show up for the search engines and as the Pinterest caption if the image is pinned.

How do you recommend improving your photography skills?

Four simple tips - (1) read your camera manual, (2) shoot in natural light, (3) practice, and (4) take shots from every angle - some far away, some top shots, and some close ups. If you're looking for food photography tips, be sure to check out Pinch of Yum's e-book, Tasty Food Photography and Plate to Pixel.

What are some tips for social media strategy?

Share popular stories on your Facebook page. Try shooting really close and detailed pictures on Instagram. Don't forget to promote old content on days you don't have new content. Use picmonkey to create collages. Join group boards on Pinterest. Change the description of your pins to be personal (but still include the source information). Rotate which Pinterest boards are at the top by season.

How do you take blogging from hobby to full-time while you have a 9-5 job?

Work really hard. It takes a strict schedule, weekend hours, and (unfortunately)giving up some of the fun things in life (like social activities and/or sleep - at least for a little while) to reach your goal. Use the early morning hours and the hours right before you go to bed. Stay organized and use whatever time you have to get ahead. And don't make the leap until you feel confident that you can make it happen (whether that means taking the leap with some money in the bank or waiting until blogging is a considerable portion of your day job income and you think with some extra time dedicated it can really become something).


If you want to meet Sally in person as well check out the date and cities for her book tour for her second book, Sally's Candy Addiction. It's quite possible that she's coming to a city near you. As for me, I'm hoping to visit her on October 6 on UPenn's campus. See you there!

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