8 Personal Branding Tips

A few weeks ago PHLBloggers had an event about personal branding, taught by none other than one of our own Philly natives, Jessica Lawlor of the Get Gutsy blog.

Admittedly, when I found out we were going to learn about branding, I immediately started thinking of visual brandings - colors, logos, buttons, etc, but Jessica took it to a new level. She talked about how building your brand is about the voice and personality that you create for yourself across all media platforms. Mind blown.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite tips from the event:

It's about the reader.

Your blog is not about you, it's about the reader and what they're going to get on your site. It's a really weird sentence to think about, right? Read it again one more time if you have to, I know I had to.

Any improvement is better.

There is no page on your blog that is a static page. If you don't like something about your blog you can change it at any time and any change is better than making no change at all. This really hit hard when it came to how I was thinking about my about page. I really dislike my about page, but I've been avoiding it. That said, anything has to be better than how it is now.

Embed tweets as testamonials.

If you're looking for a way to explain to people that you and your site are awesome, consider embedding tweets as testamonials.  It's really easy, just click the "..." on any tweet and you will find a code to embed it on your site.

Use case studies to highlight your expertise.

If you're looking for a way to show somebody what you're good at, consider showing them what you've done before. Case studies are one of the best ways to prove expertise and give you a chance to show off a little bit.

Keep track of your accomplishments.

Jessica has the most efficient spreadsheet I've ever seen. She keeps track of all her accomplishments, guest posts, blog mentions, and clients in the same spreadsheet. What a great way to have all of your blog and career highlights in the same place.

Make use of the "pinned tweet".

You can pin one tweet at the top of your twitter page. This tweet can be anything. You can link directly back to your blog, your welcome page, a giveaway, your shop, or any other important link that you see fit.

Utilize Linked In.

Every time I publish a blog post I remember I'm supposed to publish it to twitter, facebook, and pinterest (and google plus if I'm feeling really ambiitous), but I never remember that Linked In is an option. Think about all the new traffic you could drive to your blog if you target a whole new audience. Just make sure that what you share is professional.

Consider speaking at a conference.

This might be a bold move, but why not apply to speak at a conference? It's a good opportunity for you to share more about you and your blog - and everybody has their own story to share. Go big or go home, right? Or in the words of Jessica, Get Gutsy.


There are so many things I had never thought of before on this list and I can't wait to implement a bunch of them. I think my favorite tip is tip number two though, somehow that never occurred to me. In addition to these 8 tips, I walked away with these two resouces.

  • You can use the site ManageFlitter to clean up your twitter account. It lists people who don't follow you back, people without a profile image, people who might be spam, and people who are inactive. Cool, right?
  • Consider making a Living Resume Pinterest board. I had never heard of this before, but it is a visual home for your blog highlights and accomplishments. You can check out Jessica's board here.

Not too shabby of a list, right? The girl has skills. I want to take a moment to highlight a new course that she is offering right now:

Do you have big goals you want to achieve, but are not sure where to begin? Join 30 Days of Gutsy, a new course brought to you by Jessica Lawlor. The course begins on March 1, so register by 2/28 if you're ready to get gutsy and reach your goals.

Is there anything you want to try now that you've read this post? Or maybe you have another personal branding tip that has worked really well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, a huge thank you to The Hive for letting us use their space for the event and to Little Baby's Ice Cream for sponsoring the event as well. If you haven't tried their ice cream yet, it's a must - especially the chocolate salt malt and coconut chai. Oh, and did I mention they have a blog?

PS. For another recap post of the Personal Branding event check out Broke Girls Go Out's post here.

Chrystina Cappello