PHLBloggers is a community of bloggers and small business owners that launched in 2014. Our bloggers span across many niches such as lifestyle, fashion, craft, health & wellness, and food bloggers as well as various small business owners. The group was created to get together in real life to discuss & learn about blogging with a goal of becoming more confident and successful in everything from online marketing & SEO to general best practices and networking. Our mission is to educate and inspire bloggers to create a virtual space that works for them.

Our Story

Chrystina started PHLbloggers after attending Texas Style Council conference in Austin, TX. She thought to herself, "I can't really need to fly all the way to Texas every time I want to meet up with awesome bloggers, can I?" So she started to do a little research. She found 13 bloggers online in the Philadelphia Area and sent them an email that basically said, "hey, you might not know me, but I thought it would be really cool if we could meet up in person and talk about blogging." To her surprise, all 13 people said yes and the first meetup was held in September 2014 at Good Karma Cafe with 6 bloggers. Since then, the group has group to +300 members and PHLbloggers. The team has grown, the number of events has increased, and there is even an annual conference, The Blog Connect. Each one of these events focuses on bringing bloggers together in real life.

Things We Believe

Blogging is about building community. Blogging is a lot of work and takes a lot of passion and motivation, but it's totally worth it. Anyone can blog. You can make money from blogging. You don't have to make money from blogging. You can blog everyday. You don't have to blog everyday. Blogging is an awesome way to meet like-minded people. Blogging is an awesome way to stay in touch with your family and friends. Blogging is an excellent way to keep your sanity. Learning how to look like you're laughing in front of the camera on queue for outfit photos is definitely a skill. 

Meet The Team

These are the people working hard to make PHLbloggers a thing. Feel free to reach out, they would love to meet you :)


Chrystina Cappello
Founder & Mastermind


Sarah Ramirez
Twitter Coordinator & Co-Sponsorship Director


Melissa Funtanilla
Facebook Coordinator, Interim Creative Director, & Co-Sponsorship Director


Priyanka Setty
Instagram Coordinator & Party Planner