Quarterly Events

Each quarter there is one formal event that includes both an educational and networking component. The event is usually hosted in Center City. An up-to-date listing of events can be found in our members-only Facebook Group.

The Blog Connect Conference

On April 16, 2016 we held our Blog Connect Conference. It was a way to bring together bloggers and small business owners to connect while learning ways to maximize their efforts. In the spirit of PHLBloggers, the conference was open to anyone and everyone with an interest in blogging. Fashion bloggers, library bloggers, DIY bloggers and more, came together to learn and share. You can see more about the 2016 conference here and our 2017 conference here

Monthly Work Sessions

One weekday day per month we get together at a local coffee shop to work on our blogging strategies and to-do lists. It's a great way to get ahead on work, while having people to ask questions to along the way!

Have an idea for an event?

Our team is always up for having others lead events if they share the same mission as our organization. (We especially love working with local brands!) Feel free to email PHLbloggers with your idea and we'll figure out how to make it a reality.

Past Events

Each month our group hosts an in-real-life meet-up, work session, and twitter chat. To learn about our upcoming events, please become a member of PHLBloggers. To get an idea of the type of events we host, please see our list of previous events listed below.